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********** I will teach you HOLY QURAN *************

The Door of learning and understanding (Holy Quran) is open for each and Every one.
1. I am a MUSLIM Girl With the knowledge of HOLY BOOK QURAN.
2. I will teach you Holy QURAN

*** What i teach you ***
• All basic alphabets which used in Holy Quran.
• Joining those alphabets and make word from those Alphabets.
• Then Join those all words in form of Verses and Read and Understand those all Versus of Holy Quran.
• I will make it more and much easy for you.

1. At every stage of life, Doors of learning and getting knowledge are open for everyone.
2. Your age and gender does not matter.
3. It’s a key to get success in both of worlds.

What more includes.
I will also teach you Meth
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